Dear Azealia Banks

Dear Azealia Banks, .


How do you sleep at night knowing that you verbally attacked a minor?

How do you as an artist in the entertainment business sleep well knowing that you tore down a young lady who’s trying to pursue and achieve her own dreams and goals?

How can you even think that it is okay for you to tell a 14 year old girl that she would need to get body enhancements?

See, people like you truly do not understand the impact of your actions. Do you remember being 14 years old? At 14, were you built like an Amazon woman or your body had yet to form into a more womanly shape? Do you even understand what it is to be 14 with the body of a 20-year-old?

My biggest hope and prayer is that your public actions do not cause for any young girl to think that because her body has not developed into the shape of what a woman’s body should look like at such  young age means that they do not equate to the standard of beauty that people like you perpetuate. People like you are the reasons why these young girls hate themselves.People like you are part of the problem. People like you are the reasons I some of our young ladies of dying because they chose to go to someone’s house and get black-market enhancements.Did you know that there are tons of girls who wish to look like you? Honestly speaking you have a beautiful body yet you are of age to have “said body.” No one at any age to be bullied publicly simply because they made a comment on something that you chose to do publicly. It’s completely unreal that you as a grown woman with siblings would even go this far on a child.  If you don’t want anybody butting into your business then it should have not been made for public consumption on an open forum that invites commentary.

You are a young beautiful black woman and you took the time to trash and dismantle and even younger beautiful black woman. The fact is is that being a female in the entertainment business is hard enough. Just to be a female that demands the respect that you deserve for the craft that you produce is a feat in itself. This girl you attacked works HARD at what she does, just as you do in your craft. Somehow you must have forgot that you two were once a 14-year-old girl wide-eyed and ready to share your gift. Somehow you forgot that you too were black woman.Somehow you forgot you were a woman.

What happens you being a voice of the youth? What happened to you presenting positive images for women in hip-hop? What happened to your fire? To me it seems like all of your anger and antics on nothing more than temper tantrums to gain attention. Even at your own shows people pay money to throw trash you. I know the you are once abused because you told us so and I guess those stars have never fully healed. So instead of you being a beacon of light standing up against all those who bully and abuse people, you my dear have became the attacker.How does it feel to know that you became exactly what you hated?

In this moment is where I stop openly supporting you, the bully. What you did cyber bully and I hope that that child’s mother presses charges against you for the disgusting things you spewed online. I pray that the child’s mother can be just as classy as her child was in deal with you accordingly because others may not be so kind. There comes a time when you need to own up to your mistakes and admit that you were wrong. There comes a time where accountability has to take place in your life. This is one of those times that you truly need to redeem yourself not only for you but for the young 14-year-old fans that you have. Teach them that has women we are not to tear each other down publicly but to band together and support one another.

Sadly after like if this letter ever got to you all you would do would do exactly what people expect you to do and that is act like a juvenile 14-year-old girl trapped in a grown woman’s body.

Which do you feel is better: being an intelligent 14-year-old who looks like a 14-year-old or being a 24 year old acting like a troublesome teen who never grew up?

I guess you already made your choice as many more fans will make theirs and leave your beautiful art to the side due the type of human you’ve decided to become.

Once a fan,


How I Gained 100 Real Social Media Followers Using Automation Services



So abut a week ago I stumbled across something that was amazing and almost to good to be true.I was in one of my Facebook blogger groups when I stumbled across a post that spoke of a way to gain real real social media followers through automation services. Being that there was a free trial, I decided to take a chance and see if this was click bait or really a time saver that I’ve been looking for. My results from the automation services have been positive and now I will share these services, my results and free trials so that you may enjoy these services yourself.

Recently, Instagram changed the algorithm it once used making it harder for you to be visible on Instagram. Twitter has never been my strong suit and Pinterest is something I’m still learning. However, I have been looking for a way to engage with people who are interested in the topics and services I provide without having to constantly be attached to my phone. and Autopin are two services that have changed the way I will deal with gaining real followers and traffic towards my brand.

Let me explain this a bit.

Archie and Autopin connects to your Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to interact with users on each platform according to the hashtags that you select. In other words, it scans the platform for users interacting with the hashtags that you selected to then like the post. What ends up happening is that sometimes due to this type of interaction on social media people will come back to your side of the platform and either like, favorite or even comment on your post. Sometimes due to the content that you have these people may even follow you, hence is why Archie considers this a conversion.These are organic people, which means that you will have less bots to worry about as your followers. This gives you a very organic audience which allows you to pitch your ideas and projects to real people. This decreases your “dead air” post and increases real interaction.

Now understand that these services do come with a price. They have package deals ranging from about $15 to $50 giving you additional perks every tier. Now for those who wish to just try out these services you can easily click the words Archie or Autopin throughout this entire blog and you’ll be rewarded with a free three day trial. When you sign up for the service there is an area where it says get free time. It will provide you with ways that you can get free time to use the service by just referring friends. Isn’t that amazing?!

Well I’m so excited to see what your results are as I gained from both platforms over 100 followers while I still had time to complete other task. This is a huge help for all people alike but bloggers can truly grow from these services.



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Swimsuits For The Curvy Girl

Hey dolls!

So the season we all have been preparing for is upon us! It’s time to break out your summer bosy and adorn your hard work with beautiful swim suits! Also of women dred wearing the traditional “big girl” swim suit that normally leaves us wondering why couldn’t they make fashionable items in our size so we can feel cute and trendy.

Well I’m here to tell you that I got you covered loves! There are quite a stores offering some amazing swimsuits in all sizes but this blog will highlight curvy girl swim suits. Most will be affordable and trendy leaving no room for complaints and links provided so that you can snag you some awesome gear. Dive into these looks and if you pick some up hit me up and let me know how they turned out for you.

These are a few of my favs. Feel free to explore these sites to find more items and I hope this helps someone find the perfect swimsuit for the season!



Rue 21 
product-image (1)
Rue 21
product-image (2)
Rue 21
Forever 21
Forever 21
Forever 21
Swim Suit For All
Swim Suits For All

Forever 21 Now Has An Online Outlet?!?!?!

Stop the entire press and come get your life!

Now anyone that know me knows I love a good sale. I also love Forever 21 sales because I tend to find some amazing versatile items that are trendy and cost effective.

Well honey guess what? If you head to Forever 21 you will notice they got a site wide face lift and they have now added an outlet area where everything is marked down. Honey, I’m clutching my coins and praying that I don’t hit the pay button because I already see some amazing items. Right now they have a code that take an additional 30% off your total which makes these items such a steal.Here goes a few I have my eyes on. Enjoy!

Oh, and let me know if you get your hands on some of these babies! I would love to see how you style them!

00163610-01 (1)
This skirt is amazing!
Just a hint
Cropped cuteness
Blocking frenzy






Heavy metal anyone?

Lemonade Is BIGGER Than Becky With The Good Hair!

Honestly I don’t know how to put this to you.

Ever since Beyoncé’s recent album release titled ” Lemonade”, the Internet has been in a complete uproar not only praising Beyoncé for her beautifully crafted visual album but allowing for personal emotions that was shared on this album spearhead a campaign to cyber bully any woman who fits the bill of “Becky” with the good hair. It’s appalling and unreal that anyone would attack another human but even more unsettling to do so without any hard cold evidence.

Ok, let me break this down for people might have been underneath a rock.

Beyoncé released her visual album which was laced with various ups and downs. This album seems to be one of her most personal albums to date surpassing the great content that she provided on her self-titled album Beyoncé. While pouring her Lemonade, she spoke of lack of trust, infidelity, daddy issues, social issues, love, triumph and a slew of other emotions that highlighted the journey of self-discovery. However, it seems like the only thing that most people would love to know is who is Becky and where she at? The rumored ” Becky” was mentioned during the end of the track ” Sorry” which alludes to her husband cheating on her with another woman. Although Beyoncé nor Jay-Z have publicly confirm that there was ever such an affair, fans and stans everywhere have been headhunting for who they believe Becky to truly be.

It’s disturbing to know that in today’s society as an artists you can’t simply make art. It’s bothersome to know that as a grown woman and a grown man that if you share some personal details about yourself that it can spiral out of control and become a which hunt. These artists may have shared some of the most personal details about their lives. Instead of people respecting that these two individuals fought past all of the wrongdoings and problems in their relationship to make things right as anyone and a marriage should do, they are taken upon themselves to internalize the hurt, anger, mistrusts and lash out at innocent parties were living their day-to-day lives.

It’s no one else’s place to put anyone in their place in this situation except for all the parties that were involved. Grown so hard to handle their own business telephone many of the fans and stands are very passionate about supporting their artists, the damage that is being caused is outrageous. Slandering people on behalf of other people’s situation is wrong. Bullying people is wrong no matter what the situation.

Lemonade is about the struggle of a black woman and being a black woman in current days. Lemonade expresses how it’s harder and harder to be positive in black while we watch up fellow brothers and sisters be killed unjustly and without consequence. Lemonade is about the reality to keep black love alive, or any love for that matter in these present days. Lemonade is about taking accountability for one’s actions, views, words and the reactions that will follow. Lemonade is about forgiveness. Lemonade is bigger than Becky with the good hair and I truly wish everyone would give it rest already a celebrate the album for its dope concepts and moving messages without retorting to becoming a lynch mob because we all have our own nooses to worry about.


Quick SXSW Road Trip and Meeting Amazing Scopers!


So I made a random road trip to Austin to go meet up with some good people at the Brag HQ meetup. I slid into the panel session a little too late to catch the amazing content given but I wasn’t too late to meet up with some amazing people. The food was great, the laughs were even better. Austin is such a beautiful place. It reminds me a cross between Houston and New York. We took a trip down 6th Street where they have tons of things to do, biked up some city blocks singing Lady Gaga, and had icys at the end of the night before me and Jason drove back home.

Here goes some photos and such and I will personally do a blog about Angel (@missrmba), her services and why she is the best financial authority on social media that you need to be aware of.





Plus Size Fashion: River Island and Rihanna Release Plus Size Clothing


So as some of you may know Rihanna and River Island have teamed up to release limited edition clothing items that also included plus sizes. Rihanna is indeed a heavy influencer for fashion and maybe with this limited collection, she may begin to influence the fashion world to become more accommodating to the plus size market. Her items are very fashion forward and they are a bit more on the pricey side but for  limited addition items; it’s expected. The photos above are some of the items that are still available for purchase from her collection. These are the items I liked most from the collection as they are versatile and would be a great addition to your wardrobe.


RI Plus black asymmetric wrap t-shirt $40.00

The first photo features a black asymmetric wrap T-shirt. This item has a wrap for it, a classic crewneck, short sleeves and asymmetric hem. This is not sure average T-shirt as you can see that this shirt calls for attention and can bring effortless style to something as simple as a pair of the leggings. I see the shirt also being worn with a great pair of jeans in any color, a variety of different styles of shoes (stilettos, sandals, wedges, etc) and even some dainty jewelry as the top alone is a statement itself.

RI Plus denim high waisted Lori skinny jeans $70.00

Next on the list are the denim high waisted Lori skinny jeans. These jeans come in dark blue denim, they come with a built in comfort stretch, they have a skinny fit, they are high waisted, have five pockets and belt loops. One thing most plus size women know is that a good pair of jeans especially high waisted jeans are hard to come by. These are the type of jeans that you can build an outfit around. You can go casual or super chic with a great pair of skinny denim jeans. The bonus for me is the comfort stretch that’s built in cities jeans meaning that these are genes that give you a little more room but will also mold to the shape of your body and not the other way around. My only concern with these jeans would be if they prove enough room for us bigger backside ladies as we all know that’s the deal breaker with a fantastic pair of jeans.

RI Plus green V-neck hanky hem vest $50.00

There’s something about a light weight airy flowing shirt that screams warm weather and chic. This lightweight, relaxed fit, sleeveless, asymmetric top it’s perfect for this time of year. This top can be worn underneath a jacket or blazer with a pair of the lovely jeans or slacks to add a touch of sophistication with some amazing pumps or heels. Even a cute pair of flats will do as this top can be paired with endless ideas.

RI Plus light denim distressed shirt $64.00

Last but not least this light denim distressed shirt comes right on time as we all know distressed denim is currently in. I haven’t seen many companies make distressed denim shirts so this item to me is a very unique one is specially it being a plus size item. I think this item will go perfect with the leggings and not too matchy with the jeans (we dont want to over do it). I see a great pair of sneakers, flats, ankle boots or even heels if you are more daring. As far as accessories ease pair this with a long draping type of necklace, some cute studs and bangles for a complete look.

These are just a few of the items that you can find on and currently on other items outside of the collection, they are offering 50% selected items. Great time to go rack up!


Viva Las Vegas (ASD Market Week)

Hey guys!


What a trip it was to head to Las Vegas for ASD Market Week and also meeting my Periscope Mentor and good friend Celebrity Makeup Artist/ Branding Expert Paija J  also known as @pjlovepj on all forms of social media. This trip was a blast and filled with so much information and fun that I need a redo! I’m going to break down what ASD Market Week is, how it was meeting Paija face to face for the first time.

What is ASD Market Week?
ASD stands for the (Affordable Selling Destination) where manufacturers, buyers, sellers and many other like minds come together for a giant trade show that showcases everything from electronics to gift & toys, beauty and much more. Of course I went there for the handbags, shoes, clothes and more importantly jewelry and accessories. This place was amazing for a unique vendor like myself as I went from booth to booth, display after display finding some of the most amazing designs to bring to my Prissy Bliss shop.


The entire event gives people a chance to meet and build relationships with the market you are currently in. It also gives a early preview to the newest products brands have available and how you can purchase at the lowest selling point.

I attended various informational sessions such as marketing online, patent and trademarks, how to gain access to reduced shipping cost and much more. I suggest anyone that’s involved with a physical product to take a trip to this event at least once. Total cost to attend this mega 4 day event? Free. I registered online and gain access to the event for free! All that I had to do was print the email they sent me and present it to the front desk. They printed my pass and I was in. Other perks was free entry to nightlife events and discounts for various food items.

Meeting PJ (Paija J Hudson)

So if you haven’t heard the name yet, you’ll know it soon enough. I met her on Periscope (a very popular livestreaming app) randomly and was a viewer since day one. She’s a PRO and PUBLISHED makeup artist that gives out valuable information about the makeup industry as well as branding tips and uplifting motivational messages to get you through the day. Her brand Beat and Blessed is all about empowering people to look and feel their overall best from the inside out. It’s a brand that many men and women can stand behind as we all are searching for the ultimate balance between our inner and outer beauty. She also runs a growing Facebook group called Beauty Scopers which was the first beauty related group to spawn from Periscope and bloom into a movement. This group is currently open to all beauty and fashion live streamers, bloggers, vloggers, stylist and more. She wishes that most people whom join get to experience a sense of support from people within and outside the industry by helping each other grow into successful household names. Activities like Pass the Beat, or Beauty Scoper Spotlight allows you to find out more about your fellow Beauty Scopers and what they have to offer such as advice, friendship and business wise. Another way that PJ shares her talents is offering 1 one 1 makeup classes as well as a beauty boot camp class that will teach an array for different topics such as foundation, skincare, how to apply eyelashes and much more. More info about these services can be obtained by clicking this link here

Paija is a thoughtful business women with a vision to employ an empire while helping others build their name. She has helped tons of people navigate through Periscope (including me) and helped me to gain confidence within my own niche and branding. In short, she’s a women you will be seeing on your screen and will be a name people can’t forget.

I’m going to leave this on that awesome note. I will write my 10 Tips to Surviving Las Vegas for First Timers where I will dish some very helpful things I think would help anyone who hasn’t been to Las Vegas yet and wants a better idea on how to make the best of it.

Til next time, peace!

Taking A Basic Dress to a Bombshell Outfit

What’s Up!

If you aren’t in the know

I recently hosted a Periscope broadcast where me and some of my fellow followers took one basic Forever 21 black skater dress and turned it into a bombshell outfit by adding accessories to complete the overall look. This was a fun excerise that they enjoyed however it did raise a concern I wasn’t aware of until the braodcast was already in motion.To my surprise many of our business professionals especially women do not know how to pair accessories with outfits that they may wear either daily or to events. In this post I’m going to recap on that none broadcast and show you some of the fund looks that we came up with with one interests but many different accessories to accommodate the different type of social settings that you may be in with this item.

Let’s take this basic skater dress and turn it into a bombshell outfit!


Look 1: The Happy Hour
This look was created by a business professional whom would attend happy hour with other business professionals. So the title of the overall look should express that you are indeed still a very respectful business professional but it also needs to give off a little bit of personality and fun because after all it is happy hour so you should be at a pretty chic or swanky bar or even a really nice restaurant.

Here goes the look that was put together.


Why this works?
It’s simple and adds some personality to the dress. In fashion, you can never go wrong with a black dress and in this case the viewer went for a very safe pairing of a necklace that added a pop of color, a pair of earrings that were bold but not too over bearing, a cuff bracelet that added some personality to the wrist area and a clutch that was all black to compliment the outfit. However, why play it do safe when the dress it’s self is a safe option?

Here goes the amp up.


Here’s why this would work better. The necklace itself is a safe call for a happy hour but the previous earrings and the necklace styles slightly clash due to the colors. So I went for a more all gold color earring but it added a bit of flair with some cute rose studs. I also added a ring to bring some style to the hands because if you are going to Happy Hour, you would still be doing so as a professional but want to draw some attention to the hands and add a feminine touch. The sunnies add a little more attitude and as just cute to wear while driving or walking about to block away the sun. The gold trim compliments the rest of the accessories and keep the overall look together.

When I comes down to pairing things together with a basic outfit, you are designing the message you wish to give off when you walk into a room, the streets and so on. If you are trying to promote an image and attitude of “business woman”, you wouldn’t walk into a room with doorknocker earrings, a giant statement necklace that says BOSS and layers gold bracelets. It doesn’t communicate what you are trying to “say” with your overall look. You want to look at your outfit and envision the details you wish to fill in.

Well I’m only going to post one of the looks here that we created. I have a account and you can view the video here where we had tons of fun!





Spring and Summer 2016 Accessory Trends You Need To Know About!


So as most of you may know (or don’t because you are new to me) I run a fashion accessory boutique call Prissy Bliss. Accessories are all the rave in fashion as they enhance your overall look. A simple accessory or accessories can take your regular out feet from drab to absolute fab and also add delicate touches to an already exciting outfit. With that being said spring is on the horizon and the runways have spoken. During the spring/summer seasons you’ll find people in beautiful bold colors, chokers, pearls/semi stones and even mix and match earrings. I going to share where you can get some of these runway inspired styles and accessories for an affordable price and who do these styles suit.

1.Choker Galore!
Whether they were made out of delicate ribbon, rhinestone chains, thin or chunky, chokers were found along the necklines of many models during the spring/summer fashion weeks across the globe. Designers like Valentino, Anna Sui, and Chanel created fabulous looks with chokers as an accessory of choice.

Chokers are normally best when paired with beautiful and lovely delicate dresses. They enhance your or ready bare neck line adding an extra touch to your outfit. My overall suggestion on how to choose an appropriate size for a choker would be the longer the neck line the bigger and bolder you can go with a choker. My reasoning of saying this is because if you do not have much of a neck line, putting a choker in this area may make your neck look even shorter than what it already is which is not normally appealing to most women they want for their necklines to look appealing and not as if they are literally head and shoulders. I would say heads your local area mall and try on some chokers in the mirror to find an average size that works for your neck line.

2. Pearls For The Girls!

Yes I said pearls! Normally when you hear pearls you think of old Hollywood glamour but on the other side of that very same coin you think the old grandma glamour. No matter what side of the coin that your opinion sits on pearls are all the rave this spring/summer 2016 season. Designers like Antonio Marras, Salvador Ferragamo, Gucci and Alexander McQueen took great strides down the runway in the semiprecious stones.

Whether you find them decorating necklace necklines or wrapped around the wrist, if you watched the runways you seen pearls show up numerous times. Even the Queen herself Beyoncé has been seen dawning of full pearl bib necklace and pearl earrings in her most recent video titled “Formation”. beyonce-makeup-valentines-day-formation-oana-stan-5

(want an “inspired Beyonce’ pearl necklace? click here! )

In my opinion, pearls are the best to pair with single colored items especially red or black colored items. Pearls can also be layered as assessor is where you can wear a full pearl necklace earrings and even a matching ring. Pearls can perfect a simplified look with minimal makeup or add a touch of Hollywood class when definitely paired with the red lip and winged eyeliner.

3.Make Statements With Necklaces

Statement jewelry is what I live for. I love that the jewelry that I wear when I am out and about can strike an instant conversation and also displayed my unique personality. I am happy to say after observing all of the spring/summer season 2016 runways, statement necklaces are back with a twist. Original pendants have been spotted along the neck lines of many runway models. Some designers like Balenciaga, Tory Burch and Versace participated in this trend.

Statement pendants can be very small like a wishbone or pretty star that adds a little bit of character to one’s overall outfit. Other pendants that are decked out in rhinestones can feature a popular phrase, an animal or just a big huge pendant piece that screams “I’m her necklace, behold me”. My tips for styling statement necklaces? Depending on the color cut and style of your statement necklace you can wear a very minimal yet structured outfit ( like a pair of slack, blouse and blazer) and allow your statement necklace to speak for itself or you can pair this statement necklace with other fashion accessories that compliment this necklace to give yourself a big and bold outfit.

4. Chandeliers That Swing From Your Lobes


Earrings that is! These full a bold forms of ear candy are back and taking ear lobes hostage for the upcoming Spring/ Summer season. These are great when you desire to bring the drama or add a lovely touch of elegance to help bring more attention to you face. The above designers provide great examples of how these earrings can be rocked.

Chandelier Earrings come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Some have a Victorian feel and can be worn with so many things. These earring can also be worn to many different occasions as a night to the opera with a beautiful gown or a blazer and jeans look with beautiful natural makeup. I don’t normally pair a necklace with these types of earrings as sometimes pairing the two can cause your look to appear heavy or over the top, however if that s the look you desire DO IT. Never be afraid to mix things up after all fashion is about having fun.

5. Cocktails Anyone?

Cocktail rings are BACK. Just when you thought these items were for the Elizabeth Taylor’s of the world let me say one name: Rihanna! Although the Spring/Summer fashion runways debuted this trend before the pop stars recent video titled “Work”, within minutes young women across the world were on a search to find cocktail rings like Rihanna.

photo from Rihanna- Work video (I claim no credit to this photo)

Cocktail rings come BOLD. These are meant to be seen when you extend your hand and you gain bonus points when the light hits your ring in the right way exposing all of its beautiful glory. These rings can be pairs with full suits as a statement piece or even jeans, a cute blouse and some heels. These rings can be paired with anything and can be worn day or night.


Well wasn’t this a read? I hope you enjoyed these trends that will have you in trend and feelings like a goddess in no time. Most of the trends mentioned here and other currently trendy accessories can be found on my website! Click Here to get a leg up on this seasons amazing looks for y ou and your friends!

Are you going to wear some of these items? Please email me or tag me on social media with the looks you create following the trends mentioned here and I will feature your photo on my social media with the hashtag #trendybabe

As always its been fun!